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I cannot log in:

Unless your Facebook credentials are wrong, we can advise the following: remove the infoStain app from your Facebook account and try logging in to the infoStain app again.

How to remove the infoStain app from your Facebook account:

- In the Facebook app: 1) tap on the menu button, 2) scroll down and tap on 'Account Settings', 3) scroll down and tap on 'Apps', 4) tap on the infoStain app, 5) tap again on the infoStain app, 6) scroll down and tap on 'Remove App', 7) tap on 'Remove'.


- On the Facebook website: 1) go to the settings page, 2) click on 'Apps', found in the menu on the left part of the page, 3) click on infoStain, 4) in the new window, click on 'Remove App', found at the bottom left of the window, 5) click on 'Remove'.

How do I adjust the visibility settings for my photos?

When in the main menu of the app, click on the 'Settings' icon. You can now tick/untick the various boxes to make the respective information publicly visible/invisible for all the shots you'll be taking from hitting the 'Save' button onward. If you want to change the visibility settings of any photo you took in the past, then go to the Lookup pahe of the app and look up the serial number of that photo. You can then tick/untick the boxes on the same page to change the visibility settings of that photo and only. Remember, we collect and store all the information relating to a photo, regardless of your visibility settings - this way you can decide to release that information, or not, at any time you wish.

Where can I find my photos?

Your photos will normally be found in the gallery. Your watermarked photos will be in the following directory: pictures/infostain/watermarkedPhotos

'Weekly limit reached' message:

There is a weekly limit on the number of photos you can certify. This is subject to modification. At the moment you may certify up to 50 photos per week.

What happens if I uninstall the app?

The infostain folder, in pictures/infostain, might be deleted. Make sure you backup this folder if you wish to retain your watermarked photos. Your account will not be deleted if you uninstall the app. You can delete your account from within the app.

Time displays as 'UTC':

That's correct. For reasons of reference we use the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). If you live in a zone other than UTC+0 then simply adjust for your time zone by adding/subtracting the hours of difference between UTC+0 and your time zone. For example, if you live in a zone with UTC+2, just add 2 hours to the time displayed on infoStain.